Blockchain Trivia Game

TreasureZ is the world's first blockchain-based trivia game available on the BrainerZ playground - coming soon!

BrainerZ Trivia Game

Compete Using Your Knowledge!

In TreasureZ you can pit yourself against other players on topics - from science to sports or music. Just choose a topic you know well, pay the entry fee and start playing. If you answer five or more questions correctly, you’ll automatically win a share of the total BRNZ Tokens collected by all players!

BrainerZ Playground Game

Give It Your Best Shot!

Upon entering a live TreasureZ session you’ll get 10 questions in a row. Remember, you only have a few seconds to answer each question, and they all count!

BrainerZ Leaderboard Win Tokens

Got It Right? Collect Your Prize!

After you finish a TreasureZ session, you’ll see the session's leaderboard, where you can view your results and compare them to other players' results. When the game ends you’ll see how BIG your prize is.

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