Partners Program

BrainerZ Partners

Do you a run an awesome crypto community?

Do you promote your own or your client’s ER20 projects?

How about promoting your project in the BrainerZ Playground?

We at BrainerZ believe in offering any ERC20 project out there an opportunity to be featured in the BrainerZ Playground, where tens of thousands of crypto addicts are working their minds and skills to win awesome token-based prizes.

The BrainerZ Sponsored Games Program allows you to allocate a prize at your choice - starting with a minimum worth of $500 of your tokens, which will be the reward for a Mega-Riddle our team will design and develop for your project, and later present it to our community in all of our media channels.

This will get your project the following:

  1. Massive Exposure: Fun, Laid back and interactive exposure for your project in the BrainerZ community
  2. On-going presence: Presence in our fast-growing ERC20 gaming platform
  3. Gamified Content: What’s better than having users learn about your project than social-gaming?

This is how it works:

  1. You fill up the form below
  2. You decide what’s the token prize and provide us with your brand kit guidelines (fonts, colors, logos -etc)
  3. We prepare your section in the Playground and social-networks materials
  4. We run the section on an on-going basis, promoting it to our community
  5. We charge 10% of the prize in tokens to the Playgrounds wallet

Our previous partners: