Bounty Program

Welcome to the BrainerZ Bounty Program! Here you can win Bounty Points (BP), which will convert into BRNZ Token after the ICO

BrainerZ Bounty Game
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Bounty Prize

BrainerZ allocates a percentage of its total cap to its community, especially to those who will join and engage with its special bounty missions.

Bounty Categories:

  • Challenges Bounty - fun and interactive challenges for the BrainerZ community
  • Games Bounty - play the BrainerZ Bounty Playground
  • Social Bounty - spread out the word about BrainerZ
  • Translation Bounty - website and whitepaper

Play TreasureZ and RiddleZ

Our Games Bounty Program is pretty simple - all you need to do is play our games!

As you play, you collect bounty points (BP) in these ways:

  1. Sign up for BrainerZ - You’ll receive 500BP just by signing up!
  2. Play TreasureZ - Our first game has you competing against other players on live social quizes based on topics we all love. After answersing 10 questions, you’ll receive BP according to your performance.
  3. Invite friends to help you - While playing TreasureZ, you have the option to send a question to a friend, if you don’t know the right answer. This way you could gain an advantage and receive an additional 100BP.
  4. Share results on Facebook & Twitter (coming soon) - After a game ends, if you share your score on Facebook or Twitter you’ll receive 100BP. You can only share once.

Spreading BrainerZ - Coming Soon!

Our social bounty is much like other social bounty campaigns you may know. Just follow our instructions for social activities on your networks and platforms (Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Youtube & more).

Translating BrainerZ Content - Coming Soon!

Translating the BrainerZ website and whitepaper into the following languages:

  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Translators Requirements:

  1. Proven translation experience
  2. Translation must be original, anyone caught using translation tools will be blacklisted

Please contant to submit your translation request and receive incentives information

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